Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Socks With Sandals OOTD

I've kind of failed at Blogtober but it's mostly because I've had a pretty bad cold for about 2 weeks, I'm pretty much better now but that combined with lots of doing things kind of left me with zero energy and little time to do anything. So I'm just going back to the usual two posts a week. So here's an OOTD that I wore for a bit of thrift shopping.

h&m british fashion lookbook autumn fall outfits
rose and pearl gold necklace
big geek glasses tortoiseshell purple perfume necklace
black hair clip in platinum blonde white hair
patterned blue dress frilly cute grey socks
new look chunky sandals shoes 90s fashion trend

casual day time outfit british fashion blogger

I love how comfortable this outfit is, and it's nice to experience such mild fall weather whilst I'm in Georgia so I'm making the most of not having to wrap up super warm before I go back to the icy lands of Britain next week!

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