Monday, 28 July 2014

10 Fun Things To Do For Free (or very cheaply) This Summer

Apparently the recession is now officially over, hallelujah! But I doubt many of us really feel like it is, or perhaps you just want to save some money for something - whatever the reason, I'm sure lots of people would appreciate a little list of summer activities that can be done for free or at most have a small cost. I've tried to include activities that could be done either with friends or by yourself.

  1. Visit a museum there are so many free museums and galleries across Britain (here's a list of them), even if you've been to your local ones before you should go again, exhibits can change quite often and you might find something new.
  2. Go to the beach even if the weather isn't great. we spent a lot of time at the beach as children, mostly due to my mother being somewhat obsessed with them but also as it was a fun and free activity with the only effort being getting there.
  3. Have a picnic you can probably rustle up some sort of picnic food from what you have in the house but even if you don't it doesn't cost too much to get snacks and sandwich things. Grab a blanket and head to a local park for an afternoon al fresco.
  4. Learn a new recipe you could link this in with the picnic idea, but combining things you happen to have around can be a fun way to try out something new - or just stick to a recipe!
  5. Have a movie marathon if you have a netflix account then try getting through all the films in one genre, or visit your DVD collection and pull out some old favourites. For a way to make this summery take your TV outside to the garden to watch and sit on blankets
  6. Go to the library I could spend hours in some libraries just looking through the books but even if that's not your thing most libraries these days have a variety of things on offer, you could pick up some DVDs for your movie marathon!
  7. Teach yourself a new skill depending what you choose this could incur some cost but it could be as simple as learning what all of the functions on your digital camera do or learning to sew a button back onto your clothes.
  8. Put together a photo album this would be something fun to do at the end of summer so that you can include all your recent adventures and memories. You can often find photo albums really cheap in charity shops or you could use a good quality notebook as a scrapbook, then you just need to print and arrange your photos.
  9. Explore your neighbourhood I don't know about you but I don't remember the last time I just wandered around my town, I'm always just driving through or going to specific places for specific things. Go and have a good browse and see how things might have changed since you last did!
  10. Make home made beauty products and have a pamper day, there are tonnes of recipes online for any number of beauty products you could make from household items. Here and here are a couple that I've done, it's really rewarding to see an improvement in your skin from something you've made yourself, and you know there are no nasty chemicals in it!
I hope this will help to beat your boredom and keep you in budget this Summer, I'd love to know if you have any other ideas that I could add to this list or if you do any of these things.

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