Monday, 15 September 2014

My University Experiece

I graduated from university over a year ago now and it's come to that time when the terms will be starting up again whether you're starting out as a fresher or are going back for your final year so I thought the wise words of a graduate may be of interest to some. (Please note I am not by any means wise and though technically a graduate I know barely any more than I did as a fresher so proceed with caution).

I'll just give some sort of overview of how I spent my four years of university life. I went to Swansea Metropolitan University, which is now called UWTSD, I think I graduated from the University of Wales. I started there doing a foundation art course (and never intended to stay but that's another story) before going on to BA (Hons) Photography in the Arts, which is basically fine art specialising in photography.

hair transformation three years of uni UK

Foundation year
I moved out for my foundation year mostly for fun and to save on travel costs and time (though I don't live very far) so I got a place with a friend and three strangers - it wasn't bad. The course was slightly intense (compared to my degree), I did a lot of work and it was required to go in four days a week from 9.30 til around 4. I did rather enjoy it though and finished with a Merit.

Favourite memories - living so close to the sea, a trip to Amsterdam

First year of degree
I moved into private halls of residence - I didn't like it that much. I'm not much of a people person so I don't really know why I thought I might enjoy the experience of halls, but nonetheless I tried it and to be honest it could've been worse. First year of the course was wonderfully easy and I made some friends, it was a little easier for me as it turned out a girl I'd gone to school with was doing the same course so we hung out together and became friends which made it a whole lot less scary than if I'd been surrounded by total strangers as I'm sure most people are!

Favourite memories - becoming Tessycat, building forts for movie nights, Paris

Second year
I moved into a house with some friends from my course - it was pretty good. This was when the course took a much more 'self-directed' turn, which I enjoyed a lot but I also found it a little hard to think of projects (fyi most of my uni work was self-portraiture).

Favourite memories - themed parties

Third year
I stayed in the same house but 3 of the 4 housemates I had moved out and some other course friends moved in, including my boyfriend - I liked this a lot. This was the worst and hardest but also the best year for me, I continued my self-portraiture work from second year and adapted it, moving onto working on film with my Bronica. The end was stressful but fun and I graduated with a 2:1.

Favourite memories - road trips, London

What was your university experience like?

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